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Bobcat Blast 2017


Get Ready for the Bobcast Blast! Our biggest and most important fundraiser of the year! OUR GOAL IS TO RAISE $55,000 this year! 

This money goes directly back into the school to pay for all PTO Programs, extra educational materials, curriculum enhancement supplies, IXL Math program, technology needs/upgrades as well as requested grade level supplies. We are especially excited to fund writing supplements including the WriteScore and Lucy Caulkins programs. We estimate that the cost to pay for everything that the PTO and Administration would like to purchase to give our kids the best year possible will be approximately $85,000.

These things are NOT funded by the county, so we need to provide funding on our own. Our goal is to raise $55,000 through the Bobcat Blast and the remainder through other fundraisers/events this Fall and Spring.

We are asking all Bobcat families to participate in this event that promises to be fun for the kids and worthwhile for the school experience of all our children. We don’t ask our children to go door to door selling things; instead, we raise funds through fun and community building events throughout the year. 100% of the profits stay right here at BFES!

If you enjoy the many programs provided to our children, including additional materials to enhance learning in our classrooms, anti-bullying education, character development, Science Discovery Zone, leveled book room, Write Score program, and Young Authors to name just a few, then we need your help with the Bobcat Blast. These programs are made possible through PTO volunteers but paid for through school fundraising events (again, not by county or state funding).

Donating to the Bobcat Fund through the Bobcat Blast allows families and businesses to make tax-deductible donations that remain IN our school. You can feel confident that your efforts to get family, friends and busi- ness partners to donate will be appreciated by the entire school. 

More information is available here.

Key Dates

Bobcat Blast - October 31

T-Shirts go home - October 19

Students wear Blast t-whirts - October 20

Donations collected - October 23 - 27

Fun Run and Pumpkin Smash - October 31


How Parents Can Help

  1. Help your child get at least 4 donations of $35 each. Ask family and friends to help donate by cash, check or online payment. Anyone in the world can donate and help!

  2. Find out if your company matches donations to non-profit organizations. If so, let us know and we’ll help you get that arranged! See corporate matching information

  3. Get your child excited to have fun the day of the Bobcat Blast by wearing their T-shirt (provided to all students) while knowing they have done their part to help.

  4. Volunteer to help out on the day of the Bobcat Blast or come out and cheer on your favorite Bobcat! To sign up as a volunteer click here. You MUST have completed the BFES volunteer training in order to attend and/or help. 



Pay for Pledges Online

You can use the link below to pay for pledges online. This link will take you to Paypal. Please create a separate donation for each child.  Make your pledge now by clicking HERE.